Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers to common enquiries below on this page, or contact us for more information via the contact us page.

Where is the course held? How does it work?

Participants complete 10 units in total. All of which are online and completed at home. Students should allow a minimum of 10 hours study per unit (100 total hours). Students have the option to attend the two-day bootcamp, which is face-to-face training with course developer, Lisa Harrison at the advertised location.

Students must successfully complete the online learning gain the Certificate IV Business (BSB40215) qualification. You will have access to a private monthly live online chat and facebook group for discussion, networking as well as extra resources.

Is there assessment?

Course work is via online learning portal. Assessment consists of projects, case studies, written questions, online discussion and practical exercises.

What kind of qualification will I receive?

Successful completion of the online learning component entitles you to a nationally recognised and fully accredited Certificate IV in Business qualification (BSB40215) in conjunction with Sutherland Training (RTO 31956).

Not only that, you also leave the course with a fully customised social media and digital marketing strategy and templates that you can immediately implement to achieve your career or business goals.

What will I learn?

Students will gain practical skills and knowledge to effectively implement, manage and monitor social media profiles for individuals and business. Learn to:

  • Engage with consumers to build a community,
  • Promote and grow your business online using free digital tools including email marketing, websites and of course the most popular and current social media sites,
  • Boost sales and sell product and/or services online,
  • Build customer relationships and strong online communities to promote digital work of mouth,
  • Get feedback to help refine and develop business ideas on marketing.

Add to your current skillset, help your business flourish or gain employment in social media, digital marketing and other evolving and exciting jobs.

How much time will I need to commit to the course?

Each student will need to apply 10 study hours per unit (100 hrs total) including online learning, assessment and online discussion groups. Each course progresses as a group, each student can choose to study in their own time to suit their own timetable, but will need to progress and submit assessments on time and in-line with the course outline. There is some options for flexibility should you need to apply for an extension with the course trainer and meet the requirements.

What does the course fee cover?
  • Online resources including slides and ebooks
  • Assessment
  • Discussion Group
  • Bootcamp tuition
  • Light snacks provided for the duration of the bootcamp
  • On successfully completing the course you will receive the Certificate IV in Business (BSBB40215)
  • You will have access to The Social Media Mastery Alumni Group
  • Mentor program
  • Bootcamp accommodation costs not included.

More details will be in your participant handbook which you will receive at the start of the course.

Who should be doing the course?

Certificate IV Business (BSB40215) qualification is designed for those who understand the importance of keeping abreast of advancements in communication technology.

They see the potential in engaging with consumers and building brand communities. The course is ideally suited to:

  • School leavers with an interest in online marketing, social media strategy and digital careers
  • Qualified professionals already in the business or communications sectors that need to update their skills
  • Employees already undertaking marketing activities needing to gain knowledge in the digital marketing realm
  • Business owners looking to engage better with their customers and potential clients
  • Anyone with an interest in digital and social marketing principles, techniques and strategies and potentially considering a career change

What jobs can I get once the course is completed?

Potential job prospects on completion of the Certificate IV Business (BSB40215) include:

  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Small Business Owner
  • Social Media Manager
  • Digital Marketing Officer
  • Community Manager
  • Communications Officer
  • Business Development Officer
  • Events and/or Tourism Promoter
  • Work-from-home professional
  • Many new careers yet to be defined in the ever-evolving digital economy see more at

Do I need any prerequisites to enrol in the course?

You just need a very basic understanding of the fundamentals of social media platforms. Knowing how to use Facebook is enough.

How much does the course cost?

All costs in AUD.
Full course cost will be $3200.
Payment Plans are available within Australia: $500 then fortnightly payments. (Ezidebit fees apply)

Who is the course developer and trainer Lisa Harrison?

Lisa is the Strategic Marketing Director and cofounder of POMO, a boutique design and strategy agency based on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane, Qld, Australia.. Lisa works as a consultant with corporates and SMEs helping them develop strategies, policies, guidelines action plans and digital footprint reviews. She is also currently a candidate for Doctorate of Creative Industries at Queensland University of Technology as part of the recently established Digital Media Research Centre. Lisa has taught the Social Media Mastery course since 2010 through TAFE East Coast Australia and also through private tuition to the business sector, she has more than 150 graduates to date? Find out more at

Where can I get more information?

Find out more on each course intake and the different bootcamp locations on the website See additional information at or email us at or call 1300 762 865 or follow us on facebook:

How do I enrol?

To register your interest or enrol in Certificate IV Business (BSB40215) visit Follow the steps on this page, or call 1300 762 865 for assistance.

What if I can't attend the bootcamp location assigned to my online course?

If you start an online course and find you cannot attend the bootcamp location assigned to that course, you can request to attend another bootcamp at another time. You will need to notify us in written communication at least four weeks prior to the bootcamp start date and request a deferral.

Once approved you can then discuss options for another suitable bootcamp to attend with the course administrator, confirmation of your attendance at the new bootcamp will need to be provided four weeks prior to that bootcamp start date.
(Failure to notify the course within four weeks prior to the bootcamp will result in a $200 fee for the bootcamp venue costs, tuition and light meals provided).

What if I need more than 12 months to complete the qualification?

On enrolment, you signed an agreement that you would complete the qualification in 12months and congratulations to those who have worked hard to ensure they achieve their qualification goals.

Due to our licensing agreement with our software company, we are now implementing a fee of $150 per month for students who need to extend past the 12month allocation. This will start as of February 1st 2017.

Is Social Media Mastery an RTO?

Social Media Mastery is not a Registered Training Organisation and in no way wishes to appear as a Registered Training Organisation.

We have a partnership arrangement with Sutherland Training (RTO code 31956) to deliver the Certificate IV in Business (BSB40215). This course covers aspects of Social Media marketing information and is totally mapped to this afore-mentioned qualification.

We wish to make it clear that graduating students will receive a Certificate IV in Business (BSB40215) on completion of this course and not a Certificate IV in Social Media Marketing or any other qualification with the words "Social Media" included.